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Teng Tools Mega Bite Circlip Plier Set 175mm (4 Pieces)


This Teng Tools Circlip Plier Set is a specialized tool kit consisting of four pliers designed for working with circlips. These pliers are equipped with a Mega Bite jaw pattern, providing a secure grip on circlips of various sizes. The set includes internal and external straight jaw pliers as well as internal and external 90-degree angled jaw pliers, offering versatility for different circlip orientations. With ergonomic handles and a durable construction, these pliers ensure comfortable and efficient operation. Whether you’re a professional technician or a DIY enthusiast, this circlip plier set is a valuable addition to your toolbox for tasks involving circlip removal and installation.
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For use with inner and outer type circlips or snap rings
1.8mm tip and 19 to 60mm capacity
Chrome vanadium construction
Return spring for easier use
Vinyl grip for easier use in pockets or tool pouches
DIN5254 and DIN5256
Organised in a tool tray module size 1 (TT1)
Product Type: Pliers Sets
No. of pieces: 4
Handle type: Vinyl
Inlay material: PS
Part of Get Organised: Yes
Type of set: TT1
Width (mm): 142 mm
Depth (mm): 265 mm
Height (mm): 50 mm
What is Included.
1x MB470-7 Circlip Plier Inner Straight 175mm
1x MB471-7 Circlip Plier Inner Bent 175mm
1x MB472-7 Circlip Plier Outer Straight 175mm
1x MB473-7 Circlip Plier Outer Bent 175mm
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