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Slim Bins available in six colours 600mm x 280mm x 590mm Hold 60 Litres


Slim Bins 600mm x 280mm x 590mm Holds 60 Litres
Blue Bin €46.87
Green Bin €46.86
Grey Bin €46.85
Black Bin €46.84
Red Bin €46.83
Yellow Bin €46.82
Lids €9.99
*Double handles
*For indoor and outdoor use
Durable refuse bin for indoor and outdoor use. Stackable. Add lids and trolleys for a complete solution.
Simplify and streamline waste sorting with this practical, durable plastic, 60 L refuse bin. This bin is available in several different colours, making it easy to build an effective waste-sorting system. As well as being stackable, the bin is also easy to lift thanks to its practical moulded handles.
A practical refuse sack holder keeps the refuse bag in place inside the bin. This easy-to-clean container withstands tough environments and can be used indoors and outdoors.
Combine your refuse bin with several practical accessories. For example, why not add colour-coded lids to clearly show which waste should be thrown into which container? A practical wall-mounting bracket makes it easy to hang the bin on the wall for a space-saving solution when floor space is at a premium. If you need to transport the refuse bin for emptying and cleaning, use one of our smart waste trolleys (sold separately).

Blue Bin, Green Bin, Grey Bin, Black Bin, Red Bin, Yellow Bin


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