Rustic Wooden Menu Holder available in A3, A4 & A5 sizes


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What are the benefits of using the Wooden Menu Holder ?
This Wooden Menu Holder has a stunning dark oak finish and comes with a fixed 8cm long metal clip to add a vintage aesthetic to your hospitality area. It is is designed for frequent menu or poster updates in cafes, bars and restaurants.
The base can be easily slotted into place and positioned on table tops and bars to display menus and offers. Thanks to a removable stand, this can also be used as a standalone clipboard for people to fill out forms or surveys.
What material is the clipboard menu holder made from ?
The clipboard menu holder is manufactured from 5mm thick wood in a dark oak veneer finish. The 8cm long clip is made of metal and sits at the top of the clipboard in the center for a firm grip on your menus or graphics. There are three sizes of menu holder available to hold A3, A4 or A5 size graphics.
How do I change my display ?
To change your menu or leaflet you can unclip it from the board and simply insert a new one under the clip.

A3, A4, A5


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