RS PRO 88 Piece Electricians Tool Kit with Case, VDE Approved.


Introducing the RS PRO 88 piece electricians tool kit, an extensive VDE approved tool kit designed for professionals who work on or around electrically live circuits.

A truly versatile tool kit with VDE certified screwdrivers and pliers individually tested for use on systems up to 1000V. The kit also contains additional extras including sockets, spanners, bit sets, extension bars, hex keys, insulated screwdrivers and VDE pliers in various sizes suitable for a wide range of applications. Furthermore, there are useful extras such as scissors, handles and measuring tape to complete the kit, all enclosed versatile and durable carry case complete with cut-out slots for each individual component.


Please see below for Features & Speciations


100V VDE approved tool kit
88 piece set
Ergonomic multi-component handles
Constructed from Chrome Vanadium Steel
Ideal for a wide range of applications
Supplied un a sturdy tool case
Closed dimensions of 470mm x 370mm x 85mm
Kit Contents…..
1/2in Sockets (14 – 32mm)
1/2in Extension (125 & 250mm)
1/2in Plug Wrench (16 & 21mm)
1/4in Sockets (4 – 13mm)
1/4in Extension (55 & 100mm)
1/4in Connector
1/2in & 1/4in Reversible Ratchet
1/2in & 1/4in Universal Joint
1/2in & 1/4in Sliding T bar
Metric Wrench (8 – 17mm)
6in Insulated Slip joint pliers
6in Insulated Nipper pliers
6in insulated Wire strippers
7in Insulated Wire cutters
Insulated Water pump pliers
Electricians Shears
250V Test pencil
300g Hammer
5m Tape measure
Driver bits (x20)
Insulated Screwdrivers (x5)
Hex Keys (x9)
What does VDE Approved mean ?
VDE approval ensures that tools like screwdrivers are safe to use when working with electricity. A VDE approved tool means that it has passed a series of rigorous tests ensuring the quality, safety and construction.
Why RS PRO ?
RS PRO is the own brand of RS. The RS PRO Seal of Approval is your assurance of professional quality, a guarantee that every part is rigorously tested, inspected, and audited against demanding standards. Making RS PRO the Smart Choice for our customers.
Set Type = Electricians
Set Contents = Bits, Cutters, Hammer, Hex Keys, Pliers, Ratchet, Screwdriver, Sockets, Tape Measure, Voltage Tester
Number of Pieces = 88
VDE/1000V Approved = Yes
Storage Type = Case

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