Proskit Tool Kit with 18mm Heated Seal T-Bar Tool


Proskit Tool Kit with 18mm Heated Seal T-Bar Tool

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Pro-Soft Screwdriver 5mm (metric)

Pro-Soft Screwdriver 6mm (metric)

Slotted VDE Screwdrivers:
3 x 75mm,
4 x 100mm,
5.5 x 125mm
6.5 x 150mm

Pozi VDE Screwdrivers:
PZ0 x 75mm,
PZ1 x 80mm
PZ2 x 100mm
Fully Insulated and rated at 1000 Volts. VDE GS.

Stanley curved blade retractable knife

9 Hex Allen keys (Ball End)

High Speed Ratchet Screwdriver & 11 heads
Slotted 3, 4, 5 & 6mm
Philips 1, 2 & 3mm
Torx 10-15-20-25

Adjustable Wrench – 6″

Dual Color Long Nose Plier (166mm)

Dual Color Lineman’s Plier (162mm)

Dual Color Side Cutting Plier (165mm)

T-Bar tool with 3 sockets 16mm 21mm & 18mm for Heated Seal

*LED Torch with Zoom

Needle File Flat
Needle File Round
Super Fine Tip Straight Tweezer (120mm)

Strong Zipped Tool Bag


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