Our new Free Standing Display Unit


*Use a Free Standing Display Unit for an instant merchandising display solution

*Boost impulse buys and increase brand awareness with bespoke branding

*Made from 10mm Foamex for a strong yet lightweight freestanding display unit.

5 Shelf without custom branding €385.52 + vat

5 Shelf with custom branding €442.06 + vat

6 Shelf without custom branding €443.90 + vat

6 Shelf with custom branding €512.75 + vat

What is an FSDU ?

FSDU stands for a Free Standing Display Unit, and typically refers to a branded free standing display unit used by retailers. They are used to display key items as part of marketing campaigns and can often be seen at the end of aisles and around storefronts.

Where should I place a Premium Free Standing Display Unit ?

Strategically place FSDUs within the customer journey, such as near till points or at the ends of aisles, for an essential merchandising solution for any business. This standalone shelf display is highly popular in retail stores, as the shelves are perfectly angled for optimum viewing, as well as being available with bespoke branding. Using an FSDU can increase brand awareness and encourage shoppers to buy your products.

What products can be displayed in the FSDU ?

This free standing display unit is perfect for a range of products from groceries to cosmetics, thanks to its 10mm foam board construction. It can hold substantial weight in comparison to cheaper cardboard solutions. FSDU03 has 6 shelves and inbuilt ticket strips for each shelf. FSDU02 has 5 shelves, with a header space for added height.

What is the branded feature ?

You can opt to get a plain black or a branded FSDU. Branding allows you to have the complete display stand printed with your chosen design. By using standout graphics you can create brand awareness and trigger consumer purchases. The header adds height to attract customers to your display unit and ensures it stands out.

The only sections of the FSDUs which are not printed are the underneath of the shelves and the back of the shelf front panels, as these are not easily visible to your customers.


5 Shelf without custom branding, 5 Shelf with custom branding, 6 Shelf without custom branding, 6 Shelf with custom branding


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