Non-touch Automatic hand sanitiser dispenser stand with motion sensor


Our Touch free automatic hand sanitiser dispenser stand with motion sensor

Great for encouraging good hand hygiene among staff and guests

Refillable with a robust 5mm white acrylic construction.

How does the Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Stand work ?

This touch free hand sanitizer dispenser uses a motion sensor to automatically dispense hand sanitiser liquid whenever required. The no-touch automatic dispenser is a more hygienic option for businesses that have a high volume of people moving through the area, as they do not have to physically touch the unit, therefore lowering the risk of infection spreading.

It’s a great choice of sanitiser stand for a range of venues, including offices and community centres, as well as entrance-ways in retail and hospitality settings. The dispenser unit itself is discreetly concealed within the stand, which comes with a pre-printed ‘Hand Sanitiser Station’ message and hand washing icon to draw attention from passing customers and employees.

How is the touch free sanitiser stand made ?

This free standing automatic hand sanitiser dispenser is made from robust 5mm white acrylic, stands 1.5m in height, and has 12 bumps on the base in order to protect your floors from scuffing. The dispenser is battery powered, can hold up to 800ml, is refillable, and designed for use with hand sanitiser liquid (rather than gel). The sensor has a range of 20cm and automatically dispenses sanitiser liquid when it senses hands beneath it. The removeable drip tray catches any excess liquid in order to keep the floor around the unit clean.

All fixings to attach the base of the unit to the body are supplied. The dispenser slots into the stand with no fixings required. The slim design of this unit makes it ideal for use in tight areas and smaller retail, office and hospitality environments.

Overall size (W x H x D) = 16cm x 150cm x 18cm
Base dimensions (W x D) = 40cm x 4cm
Fixing method = Free standing
Material = Acrylic
Acrylic thickness = 5mm
Colour = White
Weight (empty) = 10kg
Hand sanitiser type = Liquid sanitiser
Automatic dispenser = Yes
Sensor range = 20cm
Dispenser capacity =800ml
Refillable = Yes
Power supply = 3 or 6 AA batteries
Batteries included ? = No
Hand sanitiser supplied ? = No
Fixings supplied ? = Yes


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