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Fire resistant notice board with stylish aluminium frame and safety corners.


Fire resistant notice board with stylish aluminium frame and safety corners available in Blue or Gray

Meets Class B of the BS EN 13501-1 fire safety test

Ideal for public buildings such as schools, colleges and universities

What is a Framed Fire Resistant Notice Board ?

Add another level of safety to your displays in public spaces with our Framed Fire Resistant Notice Board. This felt pinboard is made from recycled waste materials that have been treated to make it fire resistant, giving you extra piece of mind. It’s also got great soundproofing qualities too! It would be a great option for schools, offices and hospitals to use to pin up important information, such as details of available classes, events, and opening times.

This attractive flame-retardant notice board has an aluminum frame to add extra strength and resilience as well as rounded safety corners to remove sharp edges.

How fire resistant is the Aluminium Frame Notice Board ?

This notice board is designed to meet the fire resistant regulations required for use in public buildings. It complies to Class B of BS EN 13501-1 which means it can be used in sensitive public areas, such as halls, stairways. The safety features of this board makes it great for use as a school noticeboard, and for use in colleges, universities, hospitals and other public areas.

How do I install this notice board ?

This notice board is very easy to install. It’s made from rigid felt in a sturdy aluminium frame so is very lightweight and can be wall mounted quickly and easily using the supplied screw fixings.


1200mm X 1800mm, 600mm X 900mm, 900mm X 1200mm


Blue, Gray

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