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Ditch the plastic and go zero waste with a scoop bin food dispenser,


Ditch the plastic and go zero waste with a scoop bin food dispenser,
Food safe construction, ideal for dried fruit, flour and sweets etc,
Counter standing scoop dispenser with label and scoop holders,
Why use a scoop bin food dispenser ?
A scoop dispenser is an easy way for customers to serve themselves. While they make an ideal pick and mix dispenser, they are popular for holding a wide range of other food products as well, such as dried fruit, nuts and flours.
Use a scoop bin as an alternative to gravity bins for products which are not as easily free flowing, such as flour, soft brown sugar or sticky dried fruits and sweets.
Does my business need a scoop bin ?
Zero waste food dispensers such as scoop bins are a perfect addition to a zero waste refill shop or even just supermarkets aiming to reduce their packaging waste output. Appeal to environmentally aware customers and encourage them to bring their own packaging materials by ditching the plastic and investing in some bulk food dispensers.
How is this scoop bin food dispenser made ?
Our scoop dispensers have a food safe clear PCTG construction and feature a handy scoop holder which is removable. The unit is dishwasher safe to 55°, making it easy to clean. The scoop bins also feature a product label holder and a false front so that it always looks full. The pick and mix dispenser is available in two different sizes.
Is there an alternative type of bulk food dispenser ?
If you would like a zero waste food dispenser we have Gravity Dispensers which are self serve food dispensers for free flowing food. The gravity dispensers are operated by lever handle and they are available for wall mounting or counter standing, however these are less suitable for use as a pick and mix dispenser

12 litre, 18 litre


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