Chalkboard Stencil Set

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Use our chalkboard stencils to create uniform designs across all of your POS displays
The Chalkboard stencils set includes six stencil sheets with over 25 creative designs
Why should I use a Chalkboard Stencil Set ?
Using stencils to create your designs is a simple way to ensure your artwork is consistent across all of your applications. These plastic sheets are a cost effective solution as they can be used over and over again on your chosen POS.
What does the set include ?
The set includes six sheets of stencils that are aimed at the hospitality industry. The designs are varying sizes and include all letters and numbers, different drink styles, decorative designs, food and social media symbols. We have chalkboard stencils for pubs, restaurants, cafes and more.
How should I use the chalk stencils ?
These designs would look great on any chalk or blackboard or a window. We recommend using liquid chalk pens when designing onto a chalkboard and window pens for glass designs. For best results, follow the outline of the stencil with a pencil first and then fill in using a liquid chalk pen.
Sheets per pack = 6
Design variations = Over 25
Sheet size (cm) W x H 32cm x 22cm
Weight = 150g


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