280mm (11″) Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers.


This 280mm Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers is an essential tool for any professional tradesperson. These pliers are designed with durability and functionality in mind, making them perfect for a wide range of tasks.
Key Features:
With a length of 280mm (11 inches), these pliers offer a comfortable grip and provide extended reach for those hard-to-reach areas.
*Heavy Duty:
These pliers are built to withstand tough jobs and heavy-duty use. The robust construction ensures reliable performance, even in demanding applications.
*Diagonal Cutting Design: The diagonal cutting design allows for precise and clean cuts. This feature makes these pliers ideal for cutting wires, cables, and other materials with ease.
*Comfortable Grip:
The ergonomic handle design provides a comfortable and firm grip, minimizing hand fatigue during extended periods of use.
These pliers are suitable for a variety of tasks, including electrical work, automotive repairs, home improvement projects, and more.
The Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers offer durability, functionality, and versatility. With its diagonal cutting design and comfortable grip, these pliers provide precise and clean cuts for various tasks. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesperson, these pliers will be an essential addition to your toolkit.
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