22kg Pedestrian Salt Spreader is a push along salt spreader


Our 22kg Pedestrian Salt Spreader is a push along salt spreader which is ideal for ensuring your pathways, walkways and access ways are gritted for ice when entering your Business. Semi-pro grit spreader popular with soccer and rugby, clubs etc. An excellent all round grit spreader with three hole drop mechanism, strong and reliable metal flow control rods plus BIG 250mm pneumatic tyres. The round hopper with mesh grid reduces clumps and ensures an even spread of your rock salt grit de-icer. Including clear raincover which enables the spreader to operate well in damp conditions and keeps the grit and salt dry and free flowing. This spreader can also be used for seed and fertiliser spreading. €239.00 + vat
Care for your Grit Spreader:
Salt is corrosive, even on stainless steel. You should wash out your spreader after every use (with water or a pressure washer) and allow it to dry. Do not leave salt in the spreader, even overnight. When you are retiring the spreader after the winter season, make sure it is properly washed and dried and stored somewhere dry until next use. Grease the gears (if they are accessible). Oil the wheels and lubricate any moving parts so they do not cease as they sit for a year. Your spreader will last for years if properly maintained.
Heavy duty frame. Broadcast spreader (push type). Round hopper with grid. Large fingertip flow control with metal rods. Pneumatic tyres. Soft comfort grips. Complete with hopper rain cover.
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